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Life In The West

People and Places that shaped the West

The West is a wild and beautiful place that is only somewhat tamed. How the people in the west look at life is different than most other areas that I have been. Their history and the settling of the west has alot to do with that. Life In The West takes the lifestyle of the strong individuals that live and work in today’s west and teaches you how you can live in the west and enjoy it too.

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Life In The West - The True cowboys of the West

Save Your Family History

Don't let your family history and the wonderful stories of how your ancestors struggled to scratch out a life in the west! Trinity Codes, the creator of Life in the West, is now offering to document your family history in the west!  Now you can get the history of your family written down, where it will last for years and years to come. This is perfect for families that want to make the family stories available for a family reunion or just chronicle the stories and history before it is lost.

What Do You Get?

Trinity will investigate, interview and structure the points of your family history that you are interested in chronicling.  With this information, Trinity will then photograph some of the actual locations, collect some original photos. The next step is to write the stories and/or history out and structure it, along with the images, into a book.  

The Final Product

The final product will be put into a website, a book or both, depending on your wants and needs. With a website, you can direct all your family members to it for family references and to enable them to share their thoughts with other viewers. With the book form, you can choose to get a copy for each family member, sell a copy to any that want one or simply keep one for yourself.  It's up to you. Don't let this opportunity to set down a record of your western heritage before it is lost! Contact Trinity To Get Details...
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